Fraud Blocker UDC 12 inch Mini Unicycle - Blue - Skater HQ
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Skater HQ

UDC 12 inch Mini Unicycle - Blue

- Wheel size: 12"

- Steel Frame

- Chrome Seat post: 25.4mm, 220mm

- Aluminium Release

- Tire: 62-203

- Schrader Valve

- Steel Rims

- Chromo Hubs

- Cranks: 89mm, steel

- Small child-friendly pedals

- Leg length: 49 - 60cm

Perfect option for smaller kids wanting to jump on the one wheel bandwagon. This is a little unicycle with a 12" wheel that kids can learn with and adults can look funny using!

The cute graphics don't take away form this cycles quality- it is made with quality steel, alu and chromoly for a cycle with integrity that isn't too heavy for kids. Pick this up and get learning straight away!