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Specialty Boards

Looking for something different to switch up your skating style? We've got all the new and old tech including Downhill Decks, Old School Boards, Carver Boards, Surf Skates, Dirt Boards and a whole lot more.

Catch the Wave with Our Dynamic Surf Skates

Experience the thrill of surfing the streets with Skater HQ's collection of Surf Skates. Designed to mimic the fluid movements of a surfboard, our surf skate boards are perfect for landlocked surfers or anyone looking to carve up their local pavement like they would the waves. With innovative truck systems that offer a greater range of motion and a natural flow, these boards deliver the surfing sensation on concrete. Whether you’re practicing your cutbacks or simply enjoy the surf-style of riding, our surf skates are built to enhance your performance and fun.

Kick It Back to Classics with Old School Boards

Sometimes, it's all about nostalgia. Skater HQ appreciates that old school charm never goes out of style, which is why we offer Old School boards. With wider decks, larger wheels, and unique shapes, these boards take inspiration from the golden era of skateboarding. Ideal for cruising, carving, and riding bowls, they are perfect for those looking to replicate the skate culture of yesteryears. Get ready to ride a board that offers both a blast from the past and the build quality of modern-day craftsmanship.

Conquer Any Surface with All Terrain Skateboards

For the adventurous skater who refuses to be confined to smooth surfaces, our All Terrain boards open up a world of opportunities. Tackle dirt trails, grass, and uneven surfaces with confidence on one of these rugged boards. Featuring sturdier builds and specially designed wheels, all terrain skateboards allow you to take your skateboarding off the beaten path. Ride where traditional skateboards can’t go and push the boundaries of your skating adventures.

Start Off on the Right Foot with Learner Skateboards

For those new to the skateboarding scene, picking the right board can make all the difference in the learning curve. Skater HQ’s range of Learner Skateboards are specially crafted for beginners, offering stability and ease-of-use. With designs that consider the challenges faced by novices, these boards are forgiving to ride and can enhance the process of acquiring balance and coordination. Foster a love for skateboarding from the get-go with one of our learner-friendly models.

Whatever your taste and whatever your terrain, Skater HQ is dedicated to providing you with the specialty board that’s tailored just for your skating style. Alongside our fantastic range, take advantage of our convenient free shipping across Australia for orders over $100, as well as our "buy now, pay later" payment options, and our price match guarantee. Dive into the diverse world of skateboarding with us, and ride with pride knowing you're a part of a passionate community that’s been rolling strong since 1991.