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Under Garment Protection

Shield Yourself with High-Quality Mouth Guards

Maintain your smile and safety with our robust Mouth Guards. Perfect for high-impact sports where your teeth and jaw require extra care, our mouth guards come in a variety of fits and styles. They're designed to absorb shock, protect against injury, and can be customised for a comfortable fit. Choose from our selection to ensure clear communication and uncompromised protection during intense athletic activities.

Ultimate Protection with Hip & Chest Gear

Take on the toughest falls without fear by equipping yourself with our Hip & Chest Protection. Whether you’re taking part in extreme sports or just learning the ropes, our padding is designed to cushion your most vulnerable areas. Our gear provides discreet, yet effective impact absorption and is made from breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort and minimal bulk under your clothing.

Experience Freedom of Movement with Flexible Gasket Protection

Safeguard your joints while staying agile with our range of Gaskets. Designed to complement your natural movements, these gaskets provide additional support and help absorb impacts where you need it most. Slide them on under your pads for that second layer of defence and you'll barely notice they're there—not until you need them!

Enhanced Lower Leg Safety with Shin & Ankle Guards

Take care of your lower legs with our durable Shin & Ankle Guards. Designed for those unavoidable knocks and collisions, our guards offer superior protection without restricting your movements. Tailored to fit comfortably and securely, they’re the perfect complement to your gear set, giving you the peace of mind to go all out, every time.

Stay Healthy with Comfortable Face Masks

Navigate the new normal without missing a beat with our collection of performance-oriented Face Masks. Whether required for health reasons or personal preference, our masks are designed for active use, offering protection without compromising on breathability. They're perfect for maintaining your health and wellbeing while engaging in your favourite activities.

Skater HQ prides itself on providing ample under-garment protection selections that give athletes the confidence to push their limits. Alongside our extensive collection, take advantage of our price match guarantee, free shipping for orders over $100, and convenient "buy now, pay later" options to ensure you’re thoroughly protected every step of the way. Gear up and stay protected with the discreet yet durable defence of our under-garment products.