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Complete Scooters

Master Your Tricks with Freestyle Scooters

Unlock the potential of stunt scootering with our expertly crafted freestyle scooters. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, Skater HQ offers a range of complete scooters that are ready to take on skateparks and street spots. Designed for aerial tricks, grinds, and technical precision, these scooters fuse lightweight construction with robust materials to withstand the demands of freestyle riding. Choose your companion for the next big competition or a casual session at the local ramp with our premium freestyle options.

Explore and Learn with Junior Scooters

Nurture the next generation of riders with our fun and safe junior scooters. Built for stability and ease of use, these scooters help young riders develop balance and coordination as they begin their scootering adventures. Featuring adjustable handlebars and sturdy decks, our junior scooters grow with your child, ensuring a comfortable ride at every stage of their development. With a variety of vibrant colours and designs, your little one will be rolling in style.

Take the Fast Lane with Commuter & Luggage Scooters

The daily commute becomes a breeze with our range of commuter and luggage scooters. These practical vehicles are engineered for effortless transportation, combining the convenience of a foldable scooter with the functionality of luggage space. Ideal for busy professionals and travellers, they provide a swift and stylish way to navigate through the hustle and bustle or airport terminals.

Dare to Ride Different with Dirt, Snow & Tramp Scooters

Extend your scootering experience beyond the pavement with our specially designed dirt, snow, and tramp scooters. Take your skills to off-road trails, snow-packed mountains, or even the bounciness of a trampoline with these unique scooters. Outfitted with features like heavy-duty tyres and reinforced decks, these complete scooters open up a world of action and excitement, no matter the terrain or season.

Experience Tailored Riding with Custom Builds & Package Deals

For riders looking for a scooter that’s truly their own, our custom builds and package deals offer the chance to craft a personalized ride or take advantage of a curated scooter and accessories bundle. Utilising top components from respected brands, riders can customise their scooters to specific preferences, ensuring the perfect setup for their unique style and requirements.

Join the Skater HQ family and discover the convenience and thrill of riding high-quality complete scooters. With our dedication to customer satisfaction, which includes a price match guarantee, free shipping in Australia for orders over $100, and "buy now, pay later" options, we aim to provide the best scootering experience possible. Whether you’re learning new tricks, gliding to work, or venturing into new riding disciplines, Skater HQ has the complete scooter for you!