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Protective Pads


Shield Yourself with Top-Quality Protective Pads

At Skater HQ, your safety is our priority, which is why we offer an extensive selection of protective pads designed for skaters of all disciplines. Whether you’re grinding rails or cruising the promenade, our gear is built to cushion falls and prevent injuries so you can skate with confidence. Explore our variety, including robust knee pads and durable elbow pads, which deliver the essential protection you need for these critical joints.

Complete Protection with Multi-Packs and Wrist Guards

No matter your level of experience, geared protection is essential for every rider. Our multi-packs offer a convenient and cost-effective way to safeguard yourself with a comprehensive set of pads. Additionally, safeguard your hands and wrists—a common area for injuries—with our supportive wrist guards. These are specially designed to brace the wrist during impacts, allowing you to skate another day.

Maximise Your Comfort with Essential Gloves

Gain full control over your ride and enhance your grip with our selection of high-performance gloves. Ideal for longboarding, downhill runs, or any high-velocity skating, our gloves are crafted to combine durability, comfort, and tactile feedback to ensure you can execute every movement with precision.

Remember, with our extensive collection of protective gear, you're not only buying safety; you're investing in peace of mind. Each purchase comes with the promise of quality and excellent customer service. Plus, enjoy perks like our price match guarantee and free shipping in Australia for orders over $100. Make the smart move and protect yourself with Skater HQ's range of protective pads and gear to ensure you stay safe and enjoy every moment of your skating experience.