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Roller Hockey

Accelerate Your Game with Roller Hockey Inline Skates

Hit the rink fully equipped with our high-performance Roller Hockey Inline Skates. Designed to provide the speed, agility, and stability needed for the fast-paced action of roller hockey, our skates ensure you have the edge over the competition. With reinforced construction to withstand the rigours of the sport, and designs optimised for quick manoeuvrability, these skates are a must-have for any serious roller hockey player looking to dominate the game.

Take Control of the Rink with Premium Hockey Sticks

Command the puck with precision and power using our range of finely crafted Hockey Sticks. Built for maximum performance and handling, our hockey sticks are selected to offer the best in shot accuracy and puck control for all player positions. Choose from various flexes, curves, and lengths to find the hockey stick that complements your playing style and helps you lead your team to victory.

Score with High-Quality Hockey Pucks & Balls

Whether practicing your shots or engaging in a full-throttle game, you need reliable Hockey Pucks & Balls that respond consistently and perform well on different surfaces. Our roller hockey pucks and balls are designed to mimic the feel and dynamics of ice hockey pucks, providing a smooth and predictable roll for both practice and competitive play on rinks or smooth pavements.

Enhance Your Hockey Experience with Essential Accessories

Complete your roller hockey ensemble with our selection of specialised Roller Hockey Accessories. From protective gear that keeps you safe during the heat of play to maintenance tools to keep your skates in top condition, our accessories ensure you're prepared for anything the rink throws your way. Don’t overlook essential tape and care products to maintain your hockey stick's grip and condition.

At Skater HQ, we're dedicated to fuelling your passion for roller hockey by providing a comprehensive range of products tailored for every aspect of the game. With our commitment to offering the best range, quality, and service, including a price match guarantee, free shipping for orders over $100, and "buy now, pay later" payment options, we have everything you need to excel on and off the rink. Gear up with Skater HQ and get ready to experience roller hockey at its finest!