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Longboards & Cruisers

Love carving and cruising the Australian streets? Check out our massive range of top of the line Longboards & Cruisers. We stock all the latest brands including Arbor, Globe, Penny and a whole lot more. Carve the streets in style and pick up one of our completes or create your own custom setup designed to your specs & preferences.

Glide with Style on Longboards & Cruisers Completes

Immerse yourself in the smooth, flowing movement of longboarding with our collection of Longboards & Cruisers Completes. Skater HQ offers a variety of complete longboards and cruisers that are ready to ride from the moment you unpack them. Ideal for carving up the boardwalk or cruising through the city, our completes combine quality craftsmanship with cool designs. Unwind on a board equipped for long-distance rides, or dart around town on a nimble cruiser - either way, we have the complete setup to match your pace and style.

Discover the Perfect Base with Longboards & Cruisers Decks

Your deck defines your longboard or cruiser’s feel and ride, which is why choosing from our array of Longboards & Cruisers Decks is an essential step in customising your cruising experience. Our selection features a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit every type of rider, from downhill daredevils to casual beachfront cruisers. Each deck is built for performance and durability, ensuring a stable and responsive ride whether you're commuting or free-riding down your local hills.

Enjoy Superior Control with Longboards & Cruisers Trucks

Turn and carve with ease using our high-quality Longboards & Cruisers Trucks. These trucks are engineered for smooth and consistent steering, giving you the control necessary to navigate corners and execute manoeuvres with confidence. Available in an array of sizes and styles, our trucks cater to the specific demands of longboarding and cruising, from width and kingpin style to bushing feel. Join the ranks of satisfied skaters who have found their optimum setup with Skater HQ’s curated selection of trucks.

Maximise Your Ride with Longboards & Cruisers Wheels

Whether you're gliding over pavement or carving up rougher terrain, the right set of wheels can make all the difference on a longboard. Our lineup of Longboards & Cruisers Wheels has been handpicked for their high rebound, durability, and smooth roll. Chosen from the best brands in the business, our wheels ensure that your ride is as enjoyable as it is efficient, no matter where your longboarding adventures take you. At Skater HQ, we’re dedicated to your ride so you can enjoy cruising with confidence, whilst also benefiting from our price match guarantee and free shipping in Australia for orders over $100.