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PLEASE NOTE: Not all helmets displayed are in stock at all times.
We'll contact you to confirm size, colour and availability.



Protect Your Passion with Skate & Scooter Helmets

Stay safe while you shred with our top-quality Skate & Scooter Helmets. At Skater HQ, we know the importance of head protection for skaters and scooter riders of all levels. That's why we've handpicked helmets that combine maximum impact protection with style and comfort. Available in a variety of sizes, designs, and vibrant colours, our helmets don't just keep you safe—they make a statement about who you are on the ramps, roads, and beyond.

Ride Confidently with Bicycle Approved Helmets

Whether cruising streets, tackling trails, or commuting, our versatile Bicycle Approved Helmets meet the standards needed to keep your head secure. Certified for bike safety, these helmets offer features like airflow ventilation, adjustable fittings, and lightweight designs that don't compromise on protection. Every cyclist from casual riders to serious enthusiasts can find the right helmet to protect their head and enhance their riding experience.

Maintain and Customise with Helmet Liners & Parts

Keep your helmet in prime condition with our range of Helmet Liners & Parts. A comfortable and snug helmet is key to enjoyable, safe rides, and over time, even the best helmets need a little care. From replacement liners and padding to visors and buckles, our helmet accessories ensure that you can maintain and refresh your helmet with ease, extending its life and fit for optimal protection.

With Skater HQ's selection of helmets and accessories, you don't have to compromise on safety, comfort, or style. We are committed to supporting your active lifestyle by providing products that meet strict safety standards while catering to your personal preferences. Our price match guarantee, free shipping for orders over $100, and "buy now, pay later" options ensure that you can get the highest quality helmet at the best price and when you need it. Trust Skater HQ to cover your head with the safety you need as you engage in all of your favourite wheel sports.