Fraud Blocker Type-S Soft Blend 54mm/96a 4pk - Yellow - Skater HQ
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Type-S Wheels

Type-S Soft Blend 54mm/96a 4pk - Yellow

- Type-S Urethane Soft Blend Series
- Size: 54mm (Contact Patch: 17mm
- OG Rounded Profile
- Outer Hardness: 96a
- Clear Dual-Duro Core
- Set of 4
- White / Yellow

The Soft Blend skatey wheels from Type-S Urethane are some of their best selling wheels and are a favourite for bowl riders.

With a durometer of 96a making it a tad softer than standard but this gives you superior grip in those slippy bowls! These nuggs are 54mm in diameter and do great at the skatepark and on the street!