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TSG Force V Arti-Lage Kneepads - Medium

- Arti-Lage Foam Layer
- Multi Layer EVA Foam
- Cordura fabric
- Anti Shift Silicon
- Butterfly Straps
- Replaceable Caps
- Horshoe Shape
- Black
- M



Ultimate level knee savers engineered with constantly impressive Jono Schwan for the best bits of kit for your vert seshes.

These are made with multi layer eva foam and Cordura fabric, making them and your knees untouchable from both impact and abrasion. They make use of anti-shift silicon and butterfly strapping for professional level hold.

What puts these a step over the regular Force V is the incorporation of an extra layer the incredible Arti-Lage foam, providing additional protection without hindering you.
Arti-Lage remains highly flexible until impact where it absorbs kinetic energy.

These are preshaped with a horseshoe design, meaning you get maximum protection without cutting your maneuvrability.

If you manage to work your way through the serious caps they are super easily replaced as well!

Do yourself a favour and slip these on next time you ride!