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TSG Force 3 Plus D30 Kneepad M

- Force III Plus D30 Kneepads
- Ergonomic pre-shaped design
- Strong Cordura construction
- D30 / EVA Impact pad
- Horseshoe shape
- Outer side PE reinforcement
- Comfortable neoprene velcro back closure
- Roundabout top velcro strap
- Bottom back velcro strap
- Replaceable knee cap
- Open-Back design
- Black



TSG Force III Plus kneepads are the next generation of performance vert skate pads. Based on the approved shape and comfortable fit of the Force III knee pads, it features a high performance D3O impact-absorbing pad. Boasting unique molecular properties, D3O changes from soft and flexible to an instantaneously more dense foam upon impact. The Force III Plus absorb more impact energy and greatly reduces force transmission. TSG's custom Horseshoe Shape perfectly surrounds your knees minimizing shifting and down-sliding to keep the pad in place during action. Topped with a replaceable strong PE kneecap and fine tuned with a PE reinforcement insert at the outer side for careless slides.