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Triple 8

Triple 8 Street Knee

- Triple 8 'Street' Knee Pads
- Available Sizes: Junior (XS), S, M & L
- All Black Colourway

- Heavy Duty EVA Memory Foam
- Larger Protective Area
- High-Density, Impact resistant caps
- Easy-On Butterfly Velcro Closures

Street Knee - Sizing
(measure circumference of extended knee)
XS: 11-12.5 in (28-32cm)
S: 12.5-14 in (32-36cm)
M: 14-15.5 in (36-40cm)
L: 15.5-17 in (40-44cm)

Hit the streets with the right kind of knee protection. With its compact, comfortable fit, our Street Knee pad is perfect for those starting to experiment with tricks, slides and falls.