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Toy Machine

Toy Machine Fists 8.25 Deck - Black Stain

- Toy Machine Fists 8.25 Deck

- Width: 8.25"

- Length: 32.25"

- Wheelbase 14.25"

- Team 7-Ply

- Veneer with Graphics

Stick tight, keep it good and suss this new deck from Toy Machine.

This is a nice bit of maple that goes 8.25" across with a longer 32.25" or length that still keeps a tight wheelbase for a bigger board - this is a multifunctional weapon for all skating just be prepared for a wild, poppy ride.

Made with Team grade 7-ply Maple this is a board that will tough it out over the sessions, and with a total of 12 fingers on board, it's gonna be extra dexterous.