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THEM 909 Oysi CUSTOM 7-8US



This custom skate built by yours truly combines brilliantly engineered boots and frames. THEM’s new 909 Boot builds on the existing brilliance of the old 908. Sporting an Impact Resistant Plastic (TPU) shell with thicker soul plates, plastic tongue and a breathable mesh liner, the 909 is stronger and more supportive than its predecessor.

The double whammy of the deeper wheel bed of the 909 Boot and more compact design of the Oysi frame allows these fiery red 64mm Henderson wheels to fit while being 5.7mm lower to the ground than the original frame design. The double nylon washer system pioneered by Oysi helps the longevity of the frames to handle your hours of grinds and slides with ease.

But the true beauty of the Oysi frame is the rocker options to provide the ultimate setup for your skate style. The current SkaterHQ Custom has a flat setup. Refer to the user-friendly chart for other rocker options.

When you hit the ground you can’t go wrong with Devise and Ground Control wheels, especially with our ABEC 9 rated bearings making them spin as fast as you can skate.