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Tensor Mag Light Lo Tens Santiago 5.25

- Size 5.25
- Magnesium
- Manny Santiago design
- Set Of 2

These Tensor Magnesium Light Lo Tens Trucks are made from quality materials that are durable enough to withstand whatever abuse you can dish out. Whether you skate stairs, rails, ledges, ramps, parks or flat ground, Tensor has the truck to fit your needs. Always know what size board you ride and order trucks accordingly. Trucks are always sold in sets of 2.

Tensor trucks are one of the most highly engineered skateboard trucks on the market. Tensor trucks are like the Porsche of trucks, and have the brilliance of skateboarding legend / engineer Rodney Mullen as a driving force. Tensor trucks should work in most skateboarding situations. A perfect all-round well built skateboarding truck!