Fraud Blocker Teflon Derby Knee Pad Tape - Single - Skater HQ
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Skater HQ

Teflon Derby Knee Pad Tape - Single

- Smooth Teflon Tape
- Size: 15cm x 15cm
- Durable Interlocking Stitching
- Peel-Off Self-Adhesive Backing
- Natural Brown Colourway

Scuff that derby track no more with this handy dandy Self-Adhesive Teflon Tape, brought to you by the saavy folks at Skater HQ!

The #1 solution for preventing nasty protective gear scuffs and scratches on indoor terrain, when there are simply more unavoidable spills than thrills on the track! Just peel and stick, or cut to size; it's that easy!

Self-adhesive, inexpensive, long-lasting and smooth for buttery slides, so your pads hit the floor and not your face! Protect your pads and the precious derby track today!