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Snot Wheel Co

Snot x Skate Balm Curb Snot Wax

- SNOT Wheel Co. x Skate Balm 'Curb Snot'
- Size: 11.5cm x 3cm
- Twist-able Skate Wax Stick
- Pineapple & Coconut Scented
- Snot Green Colourway

Brought to you by Heroin Skateboards founder Mark 'Fos' Foster, from a shipping container in his LA Backyard, comes the crusty gold nuggets of Snot Wheel Co!

Not much to say about this except it's a nice twistable skate wax for making curbs and ledges nice and slippy; it fits in your pocket, looks like snot and smells like coconut! Pick it out yourself!