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Skater HQ

Skater HQ Tri Pack - Grommet

- Skater HQ Protective Gear
- Size: Grommet (XXS)
- 1x Set of Knee Pads
- 1x Set of Elbow Pads
 1x Set of Wrist Guards
- Draw-String Carry Bag included
- Black



This is our highest quality protective gear pack. Specially designed for smaller skaters. The tri-pack includes double-stitched mesh wrist guards with a stitched in splint, elbow pads, and a set of knee pads with an integrated 'horseshoe' inner-foam, for extra comfort and maximum protection against those nasty stacks on the street or in the park. These pads have been specifically designed to withstand the rigors of our skate school. No other pads can hold up!

A great all-round protective pad setup no matter what you ride, complete with a handy draw-string carry bag; enjoy yourself without the worry of falling; Skater HQ has you covered!