Fraud Blocker Skater HQ Manly Lagoon 7.25 Mini Deck
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Skater HQ

Skater HQ Manly Lagoon 7.25 Mini Deck

- Skater HQ Manly Lagoon Series

- Width: 7.25"

- Length: 29.25"

- 7 Ply Canadian Maple Deck

- 'Manly Lagoon' Signature Ventress Design

A re-print of one of our famous O.G. decks by graphic artist and illustrator Adam Ventress! A black and white image of the early 2000's Manly Lagoon toxic dredging incident that killed off tonnes of local wildlife. This deck is made of 7-ply Hard-rock Maple for maximum pop and life of the deck! Pair it up with your Skater HQ softies and Thunder trucks for an insane all-round setup, or hang it up on your wall; grab yours today!