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SISU Mouthguards

SISU 3D Adult Mouthguard - Charcoal Black

- SISU 3D Hybrid Thickness Mouthguard
- Thickness: 1.6mm inside, 2.4mm outside
- Size: Medium - Ages 7+ (Athletes over 5 feet)
- Up to $50,000 limited dental warranty
- Works with braces (must be fitted by a dentist)
- Non-toxic: BPA, BPS, Latex, PVC, Phthalate free
- Suitable for All Sports
- Charcoal Black

SISU Mouthguards are known for their unmatched protection, comfort, cleanliness, and remoldability. Though it might not seem possible, they made an even better mouthguard!

SISU 3D improves on previous SISU models, and adds a number of new features; the prre-formed guard makes it quick and effortless to mould the guard to your mouth shape. Additionally, the 3D guard utilises variable material thickness, to put protection where it is needed, and comfort where it is desired.