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Silver Ratchet Tool - Metallic Silver

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- Silver Trucks Ratchet Series
- Exclusive Ratchet Turning Capability
- 3/8" Hardware Socket
- 9/16" Kingpin Socket
- 1/2" Axlenut Socket
- Removable Phillips & Allen Screwdriver
- Precision Griptape File
- Detachable Magnetic 5mm Allen Key
- Metallic Silver & Polished COlourway

The perfect skateboard tool on the market for complete skateboard assembly; this bad boy is packed with versatile features and is built for maximum durability!

Complete with a removable phillips/allen screwdriver, precision grip file, hardware, axle and kingpin nut sockets, and detachable magnetic 5mm allen key to accommodate those tricky allenhead kingpins; there is scarcely a better tool than the Silver Ratchet Tool! Grab yours now!