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Riedell Skate Tool - Small

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- An inexpensive jack-of-all-trades, this tool can help you adjust three sections: Toe stop, wheel nuts, and kingpin nuts.

Toe Stop: For removing, installing and adjusting toe stops that use a Lock Nut system. Check those toe stops are tight before every game, or better yet, every training session! There's nothing worse than losing a toe stop mid-jam. The large end of this tool fits most Toe Stop Lock Nuts on the market.

Wheel nuts: For changing wheels. Over time, your nylock wheel nuts will loosen off (due to vibration). Use the middle part of this tool to keep them tight, but don't overtighten them - find that sweet spot!

Kingpin nuts: Advanced skaters often spend some time discovering whether they like loose or tight trucks. Put less tension on the cushions for skates that 'carve' easier, increase the tension for a more upright, stable-feeling skate. The small end of this tool adjusts kingpins for most Powerdyne plates, including Thrust, Probe, Triton, Revenge plates and many others. (Side note: don't overcrank those kingpins, or leave them so loose that they'll fall off! It's far healthier to investigate softer or harder cushions)