Fraud Blocker Prime Gonz Bowie 9.5 Deck - Black - Skater HQ
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Skater HQ

Prime Gonz Bowie 9.5 Deck - Black

- Width: 9.5"

- Length: 31.5"

- Wheelbase: 14.25"

- 7-Ply Maple Contruction

- Free Black Grip

- Black Stain / Bowie Graphics

This is a big heritage board for fans big boards and the big Bowie himself. Fantastic print art underneath by talented Mark Gonzalez.

Fully functional 7-ply deck begging for a bowl ready setup, this is something you can pump hard on if you decide to not hang it up on the loungeroom wall (great gift idea hint hint). A sweetly sick black stain covers this from nose to that chunky tail .