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Powerslide Fothon Night LED 76mm 4pk

- Powerslide Fothon Night Wheels

- Roll Activated LED's

- 76mm Diameter

- 82a Duro

- Pack of 4

- White

- Sleeves to Convert 6mm to 8mm Axles Included

Leave a trail of photons as you slice through the night with the Fothon wheels from Powerslide!

Skating at night is great exercise, stress relief, and super fun but can be risky because of lower visibility. These wheels help in making you super visible even from a distance, and look incredibly sick.

The Fothon wheels used advanced engineering to give you a wheel crammed with advanced LEDS that still had huge integrity, speed and control. The LED's employed are super light weight and produce an intense white light when you roll, which makes skating at night and dimly lit conditions much safer gives you the creative freedom to play with the streaks of lights you leave as you fly by.

These wheels come in a 82a duro which gives you the right amount of grip and speed for street skating smoothly and run at 76 mm which is great for recreational and fitness skates, giving you handfuls of stability and maneuverability.