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Powerslide Fothon LED Clip-On Light - Green

- Powerslide 'Fothon' Clip-On Light
- Size: approx. 3x3cm
- 3x Light Modes - Steady On, Fast & Slow Flash
- 2hr Charge Time (Micro USB Cable NOT included)
- Suitable for Inline & Roller Skates, Slalom Cones, Backpacks, Scooter & BMX Handlebars (elastic band needed) etc.
- Sold as SINGLE Light ONLY
- White Casing w/ Bright Green LED Light

The Powerslide LED Clip-On Light with its bright shining green color is a fantastic multi-purpose accessory that can be easily clipped anywhere on your skates, backpack, or slalom cones (and more)!

Featuring three different light modes - steady on, and fast or slow flash - this handy light uses a rechargeable battery with micro-USB port (charge cable NOT included).

This long-lasting and quick rechargeable LED clip light isn´t just a cool-looking gadget, it also adds safety to your outdoor night activities! Get your glow on tonight!