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Pilot Quad Plates

Pilot F-16 Falcon Plus 5.5 Plate - Gold

- Pilot F-16 'Falcon-Plus' Series
- Size: 5.5" (Total Length: 22.5cm)
- Colourway: Polished Gold

- High-Grade Aluminium Construction
- Forged Alu Trucks w/ Steel 8mm Axles
- 16° Kingpins w/ Micro-Adjustable Lock Nut
- Premium Responsive Urethane Cushions
- Adjustable Pivot Bolts w/ Delrin Pivot Cups
- Adjustable Bionic Toe Stop w/ Allen Tightening Bolt
- Plates Sold as Pair (Left & Right)

Precision performance, the Pilot F-16 Falcon Plate will elevate your derby experience; built with derby skaters in mind, the Falcon plate is durable and made to move.

The 16 degree king pin angle on the Falcon offers enough manoeuvrability while still retaining stability and can be used for all types of skating including recreation, skate park, roller derby, jam skating etc.

The Plus version is more customisable and features adjustable pivots and a micro-adjustable lock nut on the kingpin. This plate is lightweight, exceptionally easy to use and has very little break in time for most skaters.

Note: Pilot plate sizes equal the distance between the axles, so a size 5.5 plate has a distance 5.5" axle to axle.