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Oysi Chassis 72 Frame Set - Grey

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- Oysi UFS Frames

- Up to 72mm Outer Wheels

- Up to 61mm Inner Wheels

- Grey

- One Size fits most

- Some soul plate modification may be required


8 x Standard 8mm Axles

16 x Metal Sidewall spacers

4 x ISO Class 10.9 UFS Fastener (14mm length)

16 x Nylon Washers for Coping Mode

4 x ISO Class 10.9 UFS / Axle Fasteners for Coping Mode (10mm length)

100% Recycled Packaging Made in the USA

The oysi's have just dropped into our stores & and ready to get you moving in all new ways.
These are geared up to take big 72mm wheels on the outside and up to 61mm inners to create a super agile, crazy smooth platform with a huge grind surface ready to tackle even the chunkiest ledges.

This colourway keeps it simple in grey and are ready for you to set them up your way, use this rocker calculator to get the perfect roll http://www.oysius.com/rocker-calculator/ .

Some frames will require easy modification to use this larger wheel size, please get in touch with us for more information!