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Mission Hi-Lo Street 72mm/82A Wheels 4pk

- Diameter 72mm
- Hardness 82A
- Made in the U.S.A.
- Pack of 4.

Mission's Hi-Lo hockey wheels are designed for unique surfaces, according to their colour. The silver street is 72mm and 82A and comes in a 4 pack. It is a reasonably hard wheel that will hold up well on outdoor surfaces, and won't slide around. On sealed cement you may find the results not quite up to that of a softer wheel with a little more grip.

A high and low wheel set up in a skate enables you to gain advantage of higher acceleration from a standing start with some smaller wheels, and greater coasting ability with some larger wheels included. Some larger wheels included will also enable you to negotiate some rougher terrain. There are a number of combinations available that are unique to a specific need in a skate.