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Micro Scooters

Micro Mini 2Go Deluxe Plus - Pink

The Micro Mini 2Go Deluxe Plus is a fantastic ride for mobile toddlers! This new deluxe model features the much-requested parents handle, as well as the redesigned deck and new handlebar height so it can be used for longer.

The funky and functional design combines original lean-to-steer action with a seat, height adjustable handlebar and removable drawer designed for carrying your toddler's favourite possessions. Once they are ready to stand, remove the seat and the Mini 2Go Deluxe converts to a stand-on scooter with adjustable handlebar.

Winner of the 'Specialty Award 2015' at the Australian Toy Fair Awards, the Micro Mini 2Go is one great multi-level developmental toy for any starting-out rider to enjoy. Treat your special little grommet today!

*Micro products are available to Australian customers only.

- Micro 'Mini-2-Go Deluxe +' Series
- Max Load: 20kg seat / 50kg scooter
- Recommended Age Range: 1-5 yo
- Pastel Pink Colourway

- Handlebar Height: 49-67cm
- Seat Height: 26cm
- Deck Size: 11x51cm
- Foot Area Length: 30cm
- Ground Clearance: 3cm

- Intuitive Lean-To-Steer Design
- Removable Adjustable Parent-Handle w/ Rubber Joystick
- Removable Seat w/ Roomy Storage Drawer
- 2x 120mm Front & 1x 80mm Back PU Wheel
- Anodised Adjustable Handlebar w/ Rubber Grips
- Reinforced Plastic Deck w/ Micro Brake System
- Raised Silicone Traction