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Landyachtz Butter Black Lines 31.2 Surfskate Complete

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- Landyachtz 'Butter' Surf-Skate Series
- Size: 9.0" x 31.2" (WB: 15"-17.1")
- 7ply Canadian Maple Construction w/ Multi-Wheelbase
- Mellow Concave w/ Shallow Kicktail
- Banger RKP Front & Polar Bear 155mm Rear Trucks
- 65mm Surf-Skate Hawgs Wheels
- Premium Black 'Soft-Top Foam Grip
- Black Stain w/ 'Black Lines' Pinestripe Art

The Butter will give you a little bit of extra real estate at the front for a slightly more stable turn and powerful pumps. Perfect for slashing down alleyways, pumping around on banks, or just cruising, this board gives you the confidence you need to explore your environment.