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Impala Mystic Pea the Feary 8.0 Deck - Holographic

- Impala x Pea The Feary Collaboration
- Size: 8.0” x 31.5” (WB: 14”)
- 7ply Resin-7 Canadian Maple Construction
- Full Shape w/ Medium Concave
- Purple Stain w/ Rainbow Foil Holographic Artwork

“The universe provides endless possibility that is all within reach because we are already connected to everything.” A mantra by the USA-based artist who’s work explores possibility, potential and realization, Pea The Feary, and creator of this gorgeous Impala Mystic complete!

Super stylish and super cute, the Impala Mystic will get you shredding the streets and skatepark! Featuring a mellow shape and medium concave, this deck is perfect for hitting all those vert, park or flatground tricks.

A stunning surreal design on holographic foil, with premium black and glitter griptape diecut to shape, 'trust your choices' with this stunning piece of art!

Impala have partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to donate to their tree planting program which plants three trees for every one which is harvested in the making of their skateboards.