Fraud Blocker Gawds Michael Prado 57mm/90a 4pk - White - Skater HQ
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Gawds Michael Prado 57mm/90a 4pk - White

- GAWDS Pro Series
- Size: 57mm
- Hardness: 90a
- Flat Profile w/ Tribune Core
- Pack of 4
- Signature Michael Prado Edition
- White w/ Pro Prado Design

The GAWDS Michael Prado wheel comes with a diameter of 57mm and a hardness of 90A, which makes it not only perfect for park skating, but stable street skating as well. It's size and hardness guarantee fast and smooth rolling, whilst providing it with the necessary durability when skating rougher surfaces.

The flat profile ensures that all impacts are spread to a bigger surface area, for more comfort. The smaller size also reduces the risk of wheel bite, when grinding on square obstacles.

It features a white and pure polyurethane color, a flat profile for more stability, the renowned tribune core and an iconic graphic!