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FR Skates

FR Twincam ILQ-9 Pro Slalom Bearings 16pk

- Revolutionary 6 Ball Design (instead of 7)

- Special Undercut for Better Sealing

- Highest Grade Materials

- TK Gel Lubricant K9, a special Hydrophobic Lubricant

- Includes a set of 8mm Spacers

Go beyond the ABEC rating with these ILQ9 bearings. These are designed especially for inline skating use. ILQ9 Pro bearings have 6 balls and use a unique undercut design to achieve a better seal to keep contaminants out. These bearings employ K9 Racing oil to ensure maximum performance at high speeds and include a set of 8 x 608 bearing spacers.

ILQ9 Pro bearings use only 6 balls, this allows the ball size to be increased to 4.5mm improving is the ability to roll and it's performance under extreme loads. ILQ9 bearings are designed to perform under extreme conditions. Like all high-performance products, you must maintain them in order to continue to receive the maximum benefits.