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*These are authentic Heelys brand shoes with an Australian backed warranty, don't be tricked by counterfeit stock being sold on the internet.


EzyRoller Classic Pro X - Red

- EZY Roller Classic PRO X-Series
- Recommended Age: 10+
- Max Rider Weight: 100kg
- Length: 88-112cm
- Width: 56cm (Height: 56cm)
- Product Weight: 7.8kg
- 1x Length Extension included
- Self-Propelling T-Bar Motion
- Specialised Squeeze Hand Brake
- Premium Spoked PU Wheels
- X-Series Replaceable Seat
- Owner's Manual w/ Assembly Parts included
- Classic Red & Black Colourway

Turns out that kids aren't the only ones that are crazy about the EZY Roller; we've been asked about an Ezyroller for adults and older kids since the day we sold our first EZY Roller Classic in 2009!

This machine is for EzyRolling Superstars! Combining the EzyRoller Pro and the new look of the X-Series, you get an awesome new machine that is designed to carry more weight, longer legs in more comfort. It's big, bold and beautiful!

Disclaimer: EZY Roller Classic Pro X is NOT recommended for intense slopes or uneven rugged surfaces. Using the brake on downhill slopes can damage the wheels, and provide an unsafe experience for the rider.