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EzyRoller Classic - Blue

- EZY Roller Classic Series

- Age: 4-14+

- Length: 70-98cm

- Width: 43.5cm

- Weight: 5.8kg

- Self-Propelling T-Bar Motion

- Pull-Style Hand Brake

- EZY Roller Replaceable Seat

- 2x Size Extensions

- Owner's Manual w/ Assembly Parts included

- Max Rider Weight: 70kg

- Blue

Get your gromms easy-rolling with the exciting new self-propelling kids toy, brought to you by Skater HQ and EZY Roller! Combining the control of a bike and fun of a scooter, this unique setup moves like a snake using easy left to right leg movements; no chains, pedals or batteries needed!

Designed specifically for flat, smooth indoor and outdoor terrain, this bad boy is a great little machine that will provide hours of entertainment and excercise! EZY Roller offers the enjoyment of new locomotion possibilities that can't be experienced on any other bike or ride-on; get rolling today!

Disclaimer: EZY Roller is NOT meant for slopes, ramps or uneven surfaces. Using the brake on downhill slopes can severly damage the wheels, and provide an unsafe experience for the rider.