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EzeeFit Sports

Ezeefit Ultrathin Ankle Booties - XSmall

- Ezeefit Ankle Booties
- Thickness: Ultra-Thin (approx. 1mm)
- Size: 1-3US / EU33-35 (Extra-Small)
- Black & Tan Reversible Colourway w/ Yellow Stitching

- Slip-On 'Comfort Curve' Shape
- Double-Layered Lycra® Stretch Fabric
- Washable & Reusable
- Wear barefoot or inside of socks
- Great performance wet or dry
- Sold in Pairs

Ezeefit Ankle Booties allow your foot to grip your footwear better, while also offering protection from rubbing and blistering from tight-fitting footwear.

The new patent pending 'Comfort Curve' heel shape contours to your heel for an even better fit than older models, and features flatlock stitching for durability and stretch.

Ultrathin booties are made from a custom stretch Lycra® with a memory core, when you want some blister-protection without the padding.