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Envy Tri-Bearing 120x30mm Wheel - Galaxy

- Envy Tri-Bearing Wheel
- Size: 120mm x 30mm
- Hardness: 86a
- CNC Machined Alloy Spoked 'Gap' Core
- 3x Pre-installed ABEC9 Bearings w/ Spacers
- Integrated PU Tread
- Galaxy Glitter w/ Black Core

Please note: Price is for 1 wheel only!

Make your mates jealous with a set of these gnarly new 'Tri-Bearing' wheels rolling into store from Envy and Blunt Scooters!

At a massive 120mm diameter and 30mm thickness, these bad boys are designed to distribute forceful impacts more evenly between the three (yes, THREE!) bearings, to improve bearing durability and enable you a longer, smoother ride.

Along with a fairly lightweight spoked core, the premium urethane that makes up this fat wheel is treaded for that lovely added traction to help maintain control of your ride.

Best yet, they look damn awesome! Get yours today!

Please be advised that 'Tri-Bearing' 120x30mm wheels use 30mm-specific spacers that differ from standard spacers, and are compatible with forks designed specifically for oversized wheels.