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Envy OTR Nylon V1 Brake - Gold Bandana

- Envy Nylon V1 Brake / OTR Series
- Durable Nylon Construction w/ Metal Spring Insert
- 8mm Bolt & Spacers included
- 'Gold' Bandana Hydro-Wrap Graphic

The all new Envy Nylon Brake, deemed "the brake of the future", is more lightweight and just as strong as traditional scooter brakes, meaning less wear and tear on your wheels and no more rounded edges from braking too hard!

Featuring a gnarly 'Out There Range' hydrowrap graphic, durable nylon compound construction, metal spring insert and an 8mm bolt, the Nylon V1 is compatible with 2016 model Envy decks, including (but not limited to) the Prodigy and KOS Completes, and AOS V4 Signature Deck!