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Envy 110/120mm Nylon V1 Brake - Black

- Envy V1 Nylon Brake

- Compatible w/ multiple Envy Models

- Nylon Construction w/ Spring Metal Insert

- Single Bolt Design

- Black

Behold the newly designed 'brake of the future' from Envy Scooters; a cutting-edge versatile nylon brake designed to help your wheels last longer!

Reducing rounded edges on your rear wheel caused by 'over-braking' like with standard metal brakes, this nylon beastie also contains a spring metal insert boosting the brakes own durability and strength.

The Nylon Brake with 8mm bolt fits all Envy Decks including the Colt S4, Prodigy S6 Series, and the KOS and AOS S4 Signature Decks; including any successive releases of these deck models.