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District HT Series 55 Deck - Coine

- Length: 21.6"

- Width: 4.7"

- Welded Front Plate

- Light, Slide in Brake System

- Head tube, Neck & Side Engraving

- New Head and Neck Tube

- Water Based, Epoxy Paint

The new and improved District HT series decks are built tough and ready to take on huge ledge and grind combos in the streets!

With a large deck size of 21.6 x 4.7 Inches, the HT deck is built for larger, more advanced scooter riders, specifically those more interested in tech and street riding rather than straight up park tricks due to its large flat base.

Coming in a sweet new bronze colourway, the HT deck is perfect for the steezy rider looking to hone in on some tech combos whilst rocking a lightweight and reliable deck!