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Cheezeballs Gouda 7mm Ceramic Bearings 16pk

- Pressed zirconium fiber ceramic balls

- Nylon retainer cage

- Chrome steel racer with corrosion resistant coating

- Long lasting

- 16 Pack

- Red

Cheezeball Gouda's are a great way to get onto fast, durable ceramic bearings while still being quite affordable. These are suitable for 7mm setups.

Most bearings are made of steel, however ceramic bearings roll faster due to the fact they don't heat up as much, and the individual balls don't misshape and deform as steel ones can. The ceramic balls are made from incredibly hard Zirconium fiber, and require much less maintenance due to the fact they do not need to be lubricated as much. They are more resistant to rust and can handle hard earth shattering hits and still roll. These bearings are really really gouda!