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Chaya Shiva 1.0 Plates w Quick Release 7US

- Chaya Shiva 1.0 plates

- CNC machined 7075 aircraft aluminium

- Standard mounting and dual center mount options

- Cherry bomb stopper

- Jelly Interlock SHR PU-Cushions

- Clip release axles

- 45° kingpin

- Black and red

- Size 7

The Chaya Shiva plates are a whole bunch of innovation in a tightly tuned plate. These are state of the art CNC machined 7075 aircraft aluminium rocking a 45° angle on the kingpin for a massive amount of action, letting you really lean into your skates, for unparalleled agility.

They have multiple mounting options, allowing standard mounting as well as the very customizable dual center mounting option for Chaya boots. They utilise power toe technology allowing you to more effectively use the muscles in your feet and legs, increasing the power in your skating. These come with quick release clips on the axles for on the fly wheel change ups and the red cherry bomb stoppers which are super legit and are made with natural rubber for smooth control of your speed. Laser etching on a black chassis with the red ties the plate up for a killer look.

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