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Chaya Ice Turquoise 9USL EU40

- Chaya Ice Skate Series
- Size: 9USL EU40
- Turquoise, Black & Magenta Colourway

- Chaya Classic Lifestyle Boot
- Polypropylene Vinyl-Leather Upper
- Cold-Resistant Faux-Fur Lining
- Chaya Diamond 56HRC 3.5mm Ice Blade
- Riveted Blade Mounting
- Standard Lacing System
- Vegan Friendly

The Chaya Classic Turquoise ice skate is a true eye catcher. This bright and stylish color combination matched with beautiful embroidery really turns heads. This ice skate not only looks great, it also earns high scores in both comfort and performance.

The perfect amount of padding paired with a super soft-touch liner provides comfort, while the anatomically placed reinforcements offer great support, allowing you to feel confident on the ice. The boot is made of water repellent vinyl-leather material and keeps your warm and dry. The Chaya Classic Turquoise comes equipped with the Chaya Diamond ice blade, a stylish pre-sharpened, stainless-steel and rustproof blade, which provides a pleasant skate and an outstanding look.