Fraud Blocker Bont Evolve Speed 63x42mm 96a 4pk - Green - Skater HQ
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Bont Evolve Speed 63x42mm 96a 4pk - Green

- Bont Evolve Speed Series
- Size: 63mm x 42mm
- Durometer: 96a
- Thick High-Grade Urethane Tire
- Sideset Polycarbonate Core
- Pack of 4
- Neon Green Colourway

Bont Evolve Wheels are likely to take your skating prowess to the next evolution thanks to an impressive balance of roll, rebound, grip, and wear.

Bont Evolve Speed Wheels are the taller, wider iteration of the Evolve Derby. Whereas that smaller profile excels at the quick, sharp movements necessary for the sport of derby, the Evolve Speed Wheel is designed to lay down blistering speed laps at the rink or on your track of choice.

Maintaining high speeds is a bit easier thanks to the extra diameter and the wider contact patch improves stability and allows the significant lip to flex, bite, and provide grip into and out of crossovers while hitting the turns.