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Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta SSF G-Slides 56mm 85a - White

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- Powell Peralta SSF G-Slides Series
- Size: 56mm (CP: 33mm)
- Hardness: 85a
- 'Soft Slide Formula'
- Pack of 4
- White w/ Black Core

The new Powell Peralta G-Slides are here fresh from the the Powell HQ. In 56mm and 85a, designed and manufactured from the Core all the way to the wheel with the aim to give you a wheel with fast roll, durable and with an amazing Slide-ability. This diameter will fit on any skateboard, cruiser or old school you want to use them (with no need of risers).

The extra width and the new Soft Slide Formula will make these wheels perform at their best, predictable, smooth riding for all terrain surfaces, consistent roll-speed, long lasting formula and effortless slide action. Just made for those riders looking for lots of fun on their commute to the park, school or the pub, throw some slides in your local hill, slash some alleys and drop some thane lines on your way to the skate park.