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Bones Hardcore Conical Bushings 4pk - White

- Bones Hardcore 'Double-Action' Bushing Set
- Available Hardness: 81A (Soft), 91A (Medium) & 96A (Hard)
- High-Rebound Urethane w/ Bonded Inner Core
- 4x Cone/Conical Bushings w/ 2x Top Replacement Washers
- White Colourway w/ Colour-Coded Top
- Installation Instructions included (Printed inside box)

Bones Hardcore Bushings are your high-performance double-action bushings from Bones. Featuring a high-rebound urethane bonded to the inner 'Hard-Core' to support and strengthen the cushion from both top and bottom sides of the bushing shape, increasing the resistance to your turning force; these will give you a better ride without needing to break them in!

Specifically designed so your trucks will center better and rock smoother controlled turns than with regular nameless bushings. Make a turn for the best and grab yourself some Bones Hardcores; you'll never need another set of bushings again!