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Bones Ceramic Super Reds 8pk

Your favourite skate bearings have evolved a step further to bring you the Bones Ceramics Super Reds! The same inexpensive precision bearings that you know and love, however constructed from a high quality hot-pressed ceramic that will not rust and last much longer than steel! Yep, they're basically waterproof!

Less expensive than the Swiss-Made Bones counterparts, Ceramic Super Reds are a "go to" for seasoned skateboarders and in-line skaters for that much loved extra acceleration and durability. Use with Bones Speed Cream to keep them lubricated and Bones Bearing Cleaner kit to keep them clean and free from grime, and they will last for ages!

- Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skate Bearing
- Pack of 8
- Bone White Colourway

- Suitable for Advanced/Competition Skaters
- Bones Skate Rated™ Design
- Silicon Nitrade Hot-Pressed Ceramic Balls
- High-Quality Steel Races
- Removable Non-Contact Rubber Shield
- High-Speed Nylon Ball Retainer
- Pre-Lubed w/ Bones Speed Cream
- Sticker & Instructions included