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Axis Unicycles

Axis Trainer 24inch Unicycle - Silver

- SIZE: 24"
- A cushy saddle with front and rear bumpers.
- Main cap style frame.
- A quality quick release seat clamp which will last the distance.
- This sweet machine comes with a 36 spoke wheel set.
- 152mm cranks and freestyle pedals and a cromoly hub

The Axis 24" is a good unicycle for learning, taller people, and for starting to go off road or around town. The latest model of the Axis 24" sets the standard in learners unicycles. Frame designed to accept a larger diameter seatpost. This prevents twisting of the saddle and adds strength. More comfortable classic saddle.CroMoly hub is now standard.
This is the highest quality learners 24 inch unicycle for sale in Australia, hands down. The Axis 24" is a good choice for adult learners and those want to ride around town on one wheel. Ride to the shops or to school and back in style.