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Atom Skates

Atom Boom Magic 100mm Firm - SINGLE

- Atom Boom Magic 100mm
- 100 mm diameter
- 83a Duro (Firm)
- Green

The Atom Boom Magic Wheels are overwhelmed with tech to set your speedo to hundreds of k's an hour.

These wheels are a collaborative effort from Atom and MPC wheels. These two first brought the Atom Boom, now they've stepped it up it up with the Atom Boom Magic, combining Atoms inner core tech with MPC range of developments for a uncompromising and savagely powerful wheel.

At 100 mm, these are geared towards high performance racing skates for maximal speed and a low center of gravity. However if you and your skates frames can handle it, definitely consider trying a 100 mm set up for urban and freestyle skating. The speed offered is extremely tempting!

The wheels use MPC racing urethane formula with their turbine core tech, inner racing super ball engineering together to create a wheel that is the equivalent of your modern Ferrari, yet possess even more power and control. The Radial spine ensure the urethane band's position is optimal, increasing response of these to unprecedented amounts.

At 83a rated Firm, these are a great level of grippy that will not slip up. The MPC urethane is able to hold its grip without slowing so well it really is magic.

It's simple, get these when you want premium, fast, dependable race wheels. Boom!