Atom Wheels

Atom Bionic Bigfoot Stopper Grip Std 5/8

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- Atom Bionic Bigfoot Stopper Grip Std 5/8

- Flat profile with round face

- Extra large footprint at 59mm

- Fits with wheels up to 66mm

- 30mm stem fits standard 5/8' threads

- Pre angled bottom

- Soft density

- Set of two

The premium big stopper from Atom! The Atom Bionic Bigfoot Stopper Grip in a Std 5/8 sizing is the ultimate large surface area stopper suitable for all derby positions.
A uniquely shaped stopper, cut outs allow wheel sizes of up to 66mm to roll freely and the stopper comes pre angled so there is minimal break in time so you're ready to roll right out've the box.
Made with an off-white soft density rubber, this is the best stopper for slick cement and performs well elsewhere as well.
Put your foot down with confidence today with the Atom Bionic Bigfoot Stopper Grip!